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K Data, Inc started out in 2001 because we recognized the need for engineers to get directly involved in the development of database tools so that the software would be user friendly and meet the needs of typical projects. We set out to develop the most versatile, user friendly, flexible, low maintenance and easily customizable productivity tool possible. We strongly believe that these requirements are not fully met by any other products.

As time progressed and the tools that we developed became more and more productive, we realized that our design services can also be of great value to customers.

Our software was originally beta tested on real projects by a couple of engineering consulting firms from 2002-2004. During this process, we were directly involved in the design and development of the projects themselves, writing Instrument specifications and purchasing Instruments, Conduit and Cable Scheduling, Conduit layout drawings, Instrument and Equipment location plans, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram development and Field Support. Therefore, not only have we refined our software products by putting them to work on customer’s projects, we have provided engineering support as well.

On top of engineering support, we have developed may custom database projects and AutoCAD programs for our customers over the years.



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