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Our people have been working with Databases and AutoCAD since the mid 1990's and have worked with Microsoft Access since release 2.0 and AutoCAD since release 12.

Our company philosophy allows our people to provide the best software and engineering support possible. We are committed to quality and efficiency and everyone is eager to contribute to the continuing advancement of our technology and improve the efficiency of engineers and designers. The goals of our employees align directly with the goals of the company, from engineering solutions to development and support of our software products. Our company environment allows our people to work independently with the best opportunity to be successful. In return, we are greatly rewarded with their energy and commitment to the team effort moving toward a common objective.

Since our programmers are also engineers they work directly with our products and everyone else works closely with the engineers, we are constantly bringing new and creative ideas to our engineering tools. Our entire team realizes that sometimes the greatest innovations are also the smallest so nothing is overlooked. Our people are unusually inspired to move us into the future. We are very interested in customer feedback; what their needs are, and comments about what they like and don't like so that we can incorporate this into future program development.

The ultimate goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with customers in order to add functionality and make our engineering tools as user friendly and helpful as possible.

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