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We have developed relational database software that makes existing AutoCAD drawings smart. Using our normalized database structure, engineers do not have to enter the same information in many different places as they would with traditional methods. Once data is entered it is carried through to all related documents. Much of the data is populated by the designers and drafters through event driven programming in AutoCAD and the drafters aren’t even aware of their increased productivity.

Our Intelligent AutoCAD ad on can work with almost any drawing type and no additional modules are required. Minimal training is required and most AutoCAD users are truly experts within about 2 days.

Our Cable Scheduler module can generate over half of all circuits within hours instead of weeks. This data is then used to populate instrument loop drawings, the engineer simply picks the template for each loop and the drawings can be generated by the engineer with little or no help from designers and drafters.

Our Instrument Index module is populated by the Intelligent AutoCAD module and manufacturer and model number along with many other fields are populated through the Instrument Datasheets module thus reducing the task of generating a project’s Instrument Index from weeks to hours.

Our Process Line List is also populated through AutoCAD and engineers can go into Access and select which equipment shows up in the “From” and “To” fields in the report.

A special bonus to the productivity advantages of using our software is that back checking project documents becomes much easier as well.



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