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Cable Reclaiming Plant | Electrical Engineering Company | Process Engineering Company

Cable Reclaiming Plant

This picture shows a cable recycling facility that was installed in 2004. Significant savings were realized during the engineering phase by utilizing our instrument index, equipment list, cable scheduler, loop drawings and instrument datasheets modules. Our customer developed piping and instrumentation diagrams before deciding to use our software. Once we registered the customer’s blocks our Intelligent AutoCAD module was used to populate the equipment list and instrument index.

After using our instrument datasheets module to specify their instruments, the instrument index was completed for the entire project in about 2 hours for 16 Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. The cable scheduler module was only used for wiring the instruments on the project because the electrical engineering for major equipment was provided by a separate consulting company however, the customer still saved around 100 hours because most of the instrument cables were created automatically just by selecting instruments and cable types.

Using the loop drawings module, 100 loop diagrams were completed in less than 40 hours and most of this time was used to set up templates which can be used on future projects which will save even more time. All data used to populate the loop drawings was pulled from the instrument index, instrument datasheets and the conduit and cable scheduler.

The equipment list was completed in less than 2 hours because most of the data was already filled in by the Intelligent AutoCad module using information entered on the Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams by the customers draftsman.

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