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Electrical Engineering Company

We were able to save significant time using K Data Engineering Tools on two projects over the past 12 months (2003). The first project was about 500 circuits and the second one was about 2000 circuits.

On the first project we used more of a conventional approach for us which is to select the equipment that each circuit went from and to without connecting wires to terminals.

On the second project we actually connected wires to terminals. This method, surprisingly to us, actually saved us more time than on the first project. Using this method, K Data, Inc. added a module to their cable schedule so that we could export our data to a file that we used with our previously obsolete software to automatically draw our electrical interconnection diagrams. This provided us with the extra benefit of resurrecting our proprietary software developed over several years in the early 1990’s.

By using this new software, we were able to save time on both projects using built in tools.
• We used the cable types report to total all lengths of cables
• We used the wire and cable sleeves report to get a count of sleeves for wire numbers
• We used the wire numbers report to build a list of wire numbers to be printed
• We used the conduit fill, tray fill and wire way fill reports to size all conduits, cable trays and wire ways.
• We were able to quickly view all equipment at the end of the project to verify which equipment was out of the original scope of work and re-coupe payment for scope changes.

K Data trained 2 of our guys who had never even scheduled cables before to use the cable scheduler module on the bigger project. Although it took longer to schedule cables than normal, the extra time was made up for on the interconnection diagrams and we expect that the next time we use the software our guys will be acclimated to it (and to scheduling cables) and they will be much more efficient on future projects.

One of our guys spent 3 weeks drawing the interconnection diagrams for one panel which was 6 drawings. Once we adapted our software to work with K Data software we created 150 more interconnection diagrams in 3 weeks.

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