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We designed a new hydrogravity plastics reclaiming facility which is unlike any other facility in the world. We developed Piping and Instrumentation diagrams ourselves using our own attributed block symbols library. We had to go through many iterations for these drawings as budget constraints dictated replacing expensive equipment with less cost prohibitive equipment. As the project progressed, we needed equipment list and instrument indexes in order to make sure that we would be ordering all the equipment required.

K Data, Inc. worked very closely with us giving us everything we asked for. We simply sent them our P&ID’s and they registered our blocks and ran the reports for us, returning them the next day. They even automatically updated our drawings based on excel spreadsheets that we had edited. We were able to easily add any fields to our instrument and equipment indexes. We even kept track of our planned flow rates, levels, set points and alarms. When the construction phase of the project approached and we needed to estimate installation costs, K Data, Inc. ran reports for all of our manual valves including sizes and types.

K Data, Inc. used their Instrument Datasheets module to specify all of our required instrumentation. While this module saved some time directly, it also entered manufacturers and model numbers in the instrument index so that even though we were going through constant changes, our instrument index always had the correct information. K Data, Inc. worked very diligently to get the cost of instruments down so that they would fit into our original budget. With their help we re-designed some parts of our process so that less expensive instruments could be used. They also worked closely with vendors to get their “best price” quotes as well as replacing more expensive parts with less expensive parts that were either equivalent or we could adapt field conditions to meet the instrument requirements.

Although we were contractually obligated to use another engineering company for cable scheduling for major equipment, K Data’s Cable Scheduler module allowed us to wait until the last possible moment before scheduling circuits for the instruments. Using this module, we actually attached most of our wires to terminals in our PLC I/O boxes and at the instruments. Once the cables were scheduled, we used the Instrument Loop Diagram generator to populate templates with circuit numbers, wire numbers, instrument tags, I/O points, manufacturers, model numbers, set points, calibration ranges, etc… K Data, Inc. also ran another program to generate our PLC I/O panel interconnection diagrams which the electrical contractor used to wire all instruments.

We also contracted K Data, Inc. to specify our PLC and HMI computers as well as program both. The HMI screens are very easy to learn to navigate and operate. Except for some loop tuning which we expected to do during startup anyway, all instruments and control schemes worked exactly as our functional description called for. Everyone here is impressed with the way that K Data has been able to pull everything together in such a short amount of time.

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