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We have developed many AutoLisp and VBA Programs. Some examples are a User Friendly Insert Block Program , Import CSV, Export Table to CSV and AutoCAD Script Builder,

Do you have block libraries but no organized way to find the blocks when you are inserting them? We have developed a program that has been in use since 2001 that creates slides that work with our User Friendly Insert Block Program. It organizes your blocks so they are easy to find and displays an image on a large viewer so that you can see your blocks before you insert them. The picture below shows a list of all K Data Schematic Diagram blocks (on the left side) with the first one selected. Note that the block selected is an entire 11x17 schematic template.

Each library group can be organized under a separate button on a custom toolbar so that users can pick the "Schematics" button (see the example above) and easily find the block they are looking for.

K Data can provide as much assistance as you need, from helping you get started so that you can use our program yourself so that you can build your own toolbars, to building the menus for you.

Another program we have developed over the last 10 years allows you to Import an Excel CSV file directly into an AutoCAD Table or even draw a table using Lines and text.

Simply save your Excel file as a comma delimited text (CSV) file and run this program to import it into an AutoCAD table. If you have K Data Engineering Tools, you can export most of your reports to a CSV file.

Or, if you already have a table in AutoCAD, we have another program that can be used to Export a Table to a CSV File

Did you ever want to run a command or set of commands on a large set of drawings? We developed a lisp program in 2000 that allows you to run a set of commands on a complete set of drawings.

Our AutoCAD Script Builder allows you to enter a set of commands or lisp programs to run on a selected set of drawings. You can save the most commonly used scripts for future use on another set of drawings or even update the script if you decide to add or remove commands later

If the program is set up to save scripts on your network, they are available to all users and updates will automatically carried through to all users.

We have developed many custom AutoLisp Programs for our customers over the last 15 years for anything from Drawing Fittings for Electrical Cable Trays to Drawing Electrical Interconnection Diagrams from database files to changing the "Prefix" for wire numbers and equipment numbers in Electrical Schematic Diagrams to Automatically create Drawings from Templates and Update the new drawings into final deliverables for issue to customers.

We have developed AutoCAD Toolbars and Menus that can be loaded on top of AutoCAD's menus so that users can easily run custom programs whether they were written by K Data or by our customers.

We have also developed many programs for Microsoft Excel that can work with our AutoLisp or VBA programs within AutoCAD.

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