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Our Conduit and Cable Schedule Program works nicely for instrumentation and control as well as for power; small projects as well as large projects. Of course, the larger the project the greater the savings to you.

Everything related to the circuit you are working on is conveniently shown on one database screen. If you prefer to view all circuits without the wire numbers, you can change tabs to view all circuits in a spreadsheet format.

Our Cable Scheduler and all other modules are built for a multi-user environment so that many engineers and designers can work on each project all at the same time.

Our Cable Scheduler can be used with our Intelligent AutoCAD add on to link records in your project database to Blocks on your drawings.

When you add your cables, conduits, trays and equipment to your Interconnections, Schematic diagrams, equipment layouts or conduit plans in AutoCAD, they are added to your project database automatically. Or build your cable schedule in the database. If you decide to make drawings later, you can link blocks on your drawings to circuits and equipment at any time.

Our Conduit form calculates Conduit Fill and provides tools that help you easily filter for conduits that are under sized or over sized.

Our Tray form calculates Tray Fill and provides tools that help you easily filter for trays that are under sized.

Many of our standard reports list all conduits associated with a circuit. The remarks column lists all other circuits that are routed through these associated conduits.

You can filter your conduit and cable reports by up to 6 different fields.

Once wire numbers are assigned to circuits and connected to terminals in equipment, you can be automatically update the wire numbers in all cables for that equipment all the way back to the control room so you do not have to retype the same numbers over and over again.

Cables and terminal strips can be automatically generated for groups of instruments and equipment.

Large quantities of conduits can be automatically generated by selecting circuits and conduit size/type.

There are many useful reports already built in and the user can add more if needed. Some of the reports included in this module are: Terminal boxes (including terminal strips and terminal count), I/O card listing, Cable Raceway, Conduit and Tray fill, Cable Types material list, Conduit and Cable Schedules (with or without terminal numbers and/or wire numbers), a basic loop drawing which covers most possible instrument loops, and an IO card wiring diagram.

To enter the From and To for a circuit, simply select equipment from the drop down lists or you can connect wires directly to terminals and K Data will update the From or To for the circuits.

K Data keeps track of wires entered in a circuit and will not allow entry of more wires than the type of cable has (example a 2 conductor cable). The software checks for duplicate circuit numbers and duplicate terminal strip numbers within the same piece of equipment.

Terminal boxes can be constructed and saved as standards for building future terminal boxes.

I/O cards can be constructed and saved as standards for future projects.

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