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Our Project Document List and all other modules are built for a multi-user environment so that many engineers and designers can work on each project all at the same time.

Our Project Document List can be used with our Intelligent AutoCAD add on to link your drawing titles to your project database.

The Project Document List allows you to select the documents that you want to include on reports (if you don’t want to include all of them when you send out a project).

You can save lists of documents to make it easier to select them later or just to make it easy to remember which ones were sent out the last time you issued a project.

This form also allows you to select a group of drawings to run a script that can call lisp routines or macros to update a complete set of drawings in AutoCAD.

Once your drawing frames are registered with K Data, AutoCAD can update the database for any drawing that uses a registered frame. When a new drawing is opened in AutoCAD it is added to the database automatically.

All changes made in the database are then incorporated in the drawing the next time it is opened and all changes made in the drawing are updated in the database immediately.

To view all documents in a spreadsheet format (including all details), click on the “All Documents” tab.

This module is free of charge when related modules are purchased.

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