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Instrument Index includes: Manufacturer and Model number (populated through Instrument Datasheets), Purchase order number, Request for Quote, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (populated through AutoCad), Location Plan Drawing number (populated through AutoCad), Loop Drawing number (generated automatically), Instrument Cost, Instrument Location Codes, etc...

Our Instrument Index and all other modules are built for a multi-user environment so that many engineers and designers can work on each project all at the same time.

Our Instrument Index can be used with our Intelligent AutoCAD add on to link records in your project database to Blocks on your drawings.

In many cases, drop down lists are available where existing data has already been entered. This eliminates the need to retype information which reduces errors, standardizes information across a project, saves time entering data and saves time checking the project before issuing it to a customer or contractor.

You can enter instruments into the project database without having them on a drawing. This can be useful when you have a lot of “typical” instruments on a drawing.

Duplicate instrument numbers are allowed but the user is warned every time a duplicate is created.

Because many of these fields are directly populated through the instrument datasheets and AutoCAD there is a significant reduction in time spent working on your Instrument Index.

To view all instruments in a spreadsheet format (including all details), click on the “All Instruments” tab.

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