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Our Instrument Loop Diagram program can Automatically Generate Loop drawings in AutoCAD using templates. Once an Instrument Loop Template is created, it can be copied and easily modified to make new templates.

You can create a set of instrument loop templates for yourself and another set for each of your customers. Note that since each customer is separate, similar templates can have the same name from one customer to another which makes it easy for you to keep track of them.

Once a loop diagram is generated in AutoCad, users can edit the drawing, move objects around and add new items. The next time the loop drawing is opened, all data is updated from the database. Changes the user made are not affected by the update unless the user actually changed information that was already contained in the database.

Almost all of the information contained in your loop drawings is already in your project database for the Cable Schedule, Instrument Data Sheets or Instrument Index, the only things that have to be added to our Loops module is drawing title information and revision tracking. This makes your drawings more accurate and not only reduces time creating the drawings but also reduces time spent for back checking them.

K Data uses "Database References" to connect the Instrument Loop Diagrams to your project database. Many database references are already set up and can be copied, modified and tested through the user interface. References are saved in the main database so they are available to all projects.

Database references that are pre-defined include: Instrument Tag, Loop Number, Drawing Number, Manufacturer, Model Number, Instrument Range, Calibration, I/O points, Instrument Terminals, Instrument Junction Boxes, Wire Numbers, Wire Color, Circuit Numbers, Instrument Loop Description, Drawing Revisions, all Loop Diagram title information, etc...

K Data is not limited in the information that you can place on an Instrument Loop Diagram. As long as the information is in your project database and is related to the loop, a database reference can be created to get the information into the drawing.

Changes to the drawing frame in AutoCad are immediately updated in the database.

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