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All of our software products have been developed by engineers and designers for engineers and designers. Forms and reports are user friendly and users can add their own reports if the hundreds of reports supplied with the software are not enough.

All of our modules are built for a multi-user environment so that many engineers and designers can work on each project all at the same time.

One user interface works for all of your Client's Standards. All projects are accessible in the User Interface and changing projects is as simple as selecting the new project from a drop down list.

Link any and all drawings that have blocks on them to your project database. Our Intelligent AutoCAD add on is not limited to Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams and Loop drawings.

All modules share data. Intelligent AutoCAD add on, Conduit and Cable Scheduler, Loop Generator, Instrument Index, Instrument Datasheets, Project Document List, Document Transmittals, Process Line List, Tie in List, Equipment List and Equipment Datasheets all share common information. Since information is actually shared, any time someone updates any document the changes are automatically carried through to the rest of the project. This means documentation is consistent across your entire project and time spent back checking the project is be greatly reduced.

In many cases, drop down lists are available where existing data has already been entered. This eliminates repeat typing, decreases typing errors, standardizes information across a project and saves time entering data.

Program licenses are floating and work across a network. Each module has its own set of licenses so that if you have 2 licenses for cable scheduler and 1 license for instrument index, you can actually have 3 people using the software at the same time. Licenses are not specific to any particular machine. They are used on a first come first served basis and additional licenses are available by request over the phone.

Programming in AutoCAD is event driven and does not disrupt the normal routine of your drafting personnel. Your two letter command aliases are not re-defined as they may be by other software companies.

Records can be locked in the project database so that AutoCAD users cannot change the data. Any changes in the drawing will be undone. As long as a record is not locked, changes to drawings are reflected in the project data.

Process Line list, Tie in list, Equipment list, Valve list, Miscellaneous Parts list, I/O card list, Cable list, Conduit list, Cable Tray list, Document list and a Document Transmittal tool are included with our User Interface free of charge when related modules are purchased.

Document transfer is not a problem. If a client does not have K Data software, they don’t need it. Of course, they can buy licenses for themselves if they want.

Each project can be configured for a backup procedure that is automatically activated while a project is open. Backups are not created if no one is working on a project.

AutoCAD stations do not need to have Microsoft Access loaded. Likewise, Microsoft Access users do not need to have AutoCAD loaded on their computers to work in the database.

AutoCAD 2000i or later and Microsoft Access 2003 (Access Runtime) or later are the only software products required. Drawing conversion is not required. If your existing drawings have attributed blocks, they are already smart. Simply register your blocks and you are ready to harness the power of the database.

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