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Software Development

Our staff has extensive experience with AutoLisp and Visual Basic for Applications for AutoCAD and Microsoft Access. Our personnel have developed many time saving tools for AutoCAD and Access dating back to the mid 1990’s. We have developed custom applications for AutoCAD from release 12 through 2016 and for Access from release 2.0 through 2013.

Are you looking to migrate from your in-house application or another database to K Data? We can help with that. Our developers will work with your team to migrate existing projects from your previous database or spreadsheets to K Data. This way, you can refer to old jobs any time you want. We will even provide you with tools so that if any project was not migrated, you will be able to take care of that at any time.

In addition to our engineering software that we have been developing since 2000, we have worked with customers to develop relational database solutions for other applications. We work very hard to make sure we understand the purpose of any Solution that we develop and we utilize our expertise to make sure that the User Interface is Friendly and Flexible. We have been involved in the development of a Tax Forecasting Tool for one of the big three Automobile Manufacturers, a Personnel Management database for a Major Cleveland University and a Member Tracking database for a local Chamber of Commerce.

Not only do we design Custom Applications for customers, we have developed our own applications for Timesheets, Project Management and Automating our Invoicing.

Over the years, we have developed many AutoCAD Lisp Routines, Icon Menus and Toolbars for ourselves and customers. Some of the most useful lisp routines are: Allow users to Create scripts to run macros on a Complete Set of drawings on the fly, Print a Complete Set of drawings to customer standards, Generate custom linetypes without special shape files that need to be sent to customers, Build Interconnection Diagrams from database files, Import Excel tables into AutoCAD (tables or text and lines), Export Tables from AutoCAD (tables or text and lines) to Excel Files, Replace only the "Prefix" for a large group of text in Schematic Diagrams and there are many more.

For Access, we have developed specialized applications for some customers to convert data from our database to a form that is readable by their custom applications which had become obsolete because their old database software became incompatible with newer versions of windows.

Of course we are also available to customize our Engineering Tools for you.

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Engineering Support

In addition to our software products, we can provide support for consulting engineering services. Our Engineering and Design experience is in Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical Engineering.

Our typical projects involve Piping and Instrumentation Diagram development, PLC Specification, PLC I/O Diagrams, Schematic Wiring Diagrams, Instrument Specifications, Conduit and Cable Schedules, Conduit and other Cable Raceway Design, Schematic Wiring Diagrams, PanelInterconnection Diagrams, Instrument Loop Drawings, Instrument Installation Details, Panel Layout Drawings, Bills of Materials and Single Line Diagrams.

Members of our staff have worked on projects in Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, Tire and Rubber Manufacturing, Steel Mills and Waste Water Treatment Plants. Our personnel have experience in many plants across the United States.

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